The Hog Book: by Jesse Griffiths

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The Hog Book: a Chef's Guide to Hunting, Butchering and Cooking Wild Pigs by Chef Jesse Griffiths is the recipient of a 2022 James Beard award and walks new and seasoned hunters and wild food aficionados through the winding - and often misunderstood - path of hunting, processing, butchering and cooking feral hogs.

From history and distribution to curing and packaging, this complete guide delves into every aspect of utilizing this invasive species as a delicious food source. Designed for beginners or advanced cooks, The Hog Book contains over 100 recipes from whole hog cookery to sausage to offal. Author Jesse Griffiths is a dedicated hog hunter and consumer, again working in partnership with lauded photographer Jody Horton after the success of their first collaboration, Afield. 

*Autographed by Jesse Griffths